Research & Development

Research & Development

Through DELBio owned core competence teams that includes electrical engineering, biochemical engineering and optoelectronic engineering team, the fulfill technology team can serve for the product development for each clients to innovate the variety of healthcare product and medical product.

DELBio continues the innovation and development culture from Delta group, and also continues to invest and develop new healthcare product to improve human life. In addition to the capabilities of DELBio own R&D team, we also collaborate with industry-leading organizations and academic institutions to develop various medical technologies.

  • Electrical Engineering team

    The medical electrical engineering team is committed to the development of home and professional medical device platforms, and has developed the different types of electronic medical systems, for example – Ultra fine mesh Nebulizer, Blood glucose monitoring system, Blood Oxygen monitoring system, etc. In order to provide customers with diverse and high-quality products, the medical electrical engineering team integrates internal management systems and physiological parameter analysis and monitoring technologies to continuously develop various precise and advanced technologies.

    Advantages of DELBio medical electrical engineering:

    • Modernization of healthcare and medical product design
    • Excellent hardware, firmware and software development
    • Friendly health management software design
    • Implemented of wireless connectivity and communication
    Electrical Engineering team
  • Biochemical engineering team

    Biochemical engineering team is committed to developing high-quality, accurate home and professional biochemical sensing platforms that include blood glucose, uric acid and hemoglobin systems. In addition, the development and related applications of wound healing dressings are also actively deployed.

    Advantages of DELBio biochemical engineering:
    Integration from innovation to mass production

    • Novel biosensing technology platform
    • Standard and customized test platform design
    • Professional cytotoxicity verification and biocompatibility assessment
    Biochemical engineering team
  • Biomedical imaging team

    Biomedical Imaging Team is committed to the development of high-resolution micro-computer tomography scanners, such as portable high-resolution ultrasound imaging instruments and other biomedical products.
    Through dual-energy micro-computer tomography and high-resolution image reconstruction and joint computing platforms, DELBio continuous to developing the high-quality precision medical imaging products.

    Advantages of DELBio biochemical engineering:

    • Provide the best imaging parameters for professional medical and basic research
    • Corresponding visual image application selection
    • Automatic detection of contrast areas and body thickness determination
    Biomedical imaging team
  • Mechanical engineering team

    DELBio mechanical engineering team has plenty of design experience and development capabilities, and with Delta Group's comprehensive technology support, the products have high-quality exhibit.

    Advantages of DELBio medical mechanical engineering:

    • Professional industrial design capabilities to match customized product characteristics and market trends
    • Provide the total solution from sketch – drawing – mold analysis to scale up production volume
    • Professional CAD technical analysis team
    • Specific researching in medical grade materials and verification of material properties in accordance with compatibility
    Mechanical engineering team
  • Project management team

    In addition to general timeline control, cost control and risk management, DELBio combines Delta Design for Excellence (DQA) design quality assurance system that with a series of design review meetings, stage score cards and other management procedures to effectively integrate the Product realization.

    • Integration from innovation to mass production
    • Certification and patent realization
    • Design and development assurance process
    • Automated production planning
    • International logistics support
    Project management team

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