Dagene G1
Automated Nucleic Acid Analysis System

Dagene G1
  • Detects up to 23 gene segments simultaneously
  • Rapid qualitative / quantitative analysis
  • Disease classification
  • Sample-to-result capability
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Remote monitoring for real-time quality inspection and management

Product Description

  • Accurate, Convenient, and Fast Disease Detection and Health Testing

    DELBio’s Dagene G1 combines the Dagene G1 automated nucleic acid analyzer and a patented compatible cassette for one-stop processing from nucleic acid extraction to analysis report generation. Our automated system is equipped with interactive UI guidance, making it easy to use and easy to adapt to your needs. General medical staff can learn to operate our system with minimal training. The Dagene G1 gives accurate detection results without the cost of establishing an entire nucleic acid testing laboratory.

  • One Press to Complete Complex Operations

    Fully automated, featuring touchscreen-guided operation, G1 requires minimal training and hands-on time. E-test reports with intuitive results are available for non-healthcare professionals,while real-time qPCR curves are for experienced users.

  • Standardized Testing Technology

    Because of DELBio' s experimental testing and quality control, the Dagene G1 has higher detection accuracy and sensitivity than most isomorphic products currently on the market,making it an extremely reliable choice.

    Standardized Testing Technology
  • Fast Detection Real-Time Processing

    Get reports within 60 minutes. For improvedsafety, the fully automated design removes the need to open the lid during processing. With less time and cost for system setup, even small clinics can perform in vitro diagnosis

    Fast Detection Real-Time Processing
  • Nucleic Acid Detection Kit

    ● Accurately detect multiple sequences at the same time. ● One test to eliminate all non-disease factors for accurate drug prescription. ● Closed-loop design and built-in quality control for fast and safe operation.

    Nucleic Acid Detection Kit

Product Spec

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