Manufacturing Capability

Product Manufacture

DELBio has inherited Delta Group's product assembly capacity, which in turn provides customers with flexible and diverse manufacturing services.
The automated equipment is applied to manufacture high quality and stable biochemical inspection products. In addition, streamline production processes and SAP material management is also implemented to meet customer needs.

Manufacturing capability

  • SAP material Quality Management
  • Trained operators and factory production capacity
  • High quality and automated production line
  • Lead production process capability
  • Global and experience production resources
  • Professional electrical printed board design
  • Excellent in production assembly
  • Manufacturing execution system implemented
  • Excellent in healthy working environment
  • Good manufacturing practice and ISO13485 certified
  • Taiwan

    In Taiwan, two production sites based in Taoyuan city are built with outstanding customized production technology and rapid manufacturing culture. The site is located in the medical focus city in Taiwan, with a supply chain around the production base and adjacent Taiwan International Airport, which can provide fast and diversified production services.

  • China

    DELBio China Production facility is located in the Wujiang Economic Development Zone in Suzhou, Central China. It is about one hour's drive from Shanghai city and close to the medical device supply chain. The Chinese production site provides a large number of manufacturing capabilities that are stable and quality-assured, and the large hinterland can meet the needs of customers for a variety of automated production planning and manufacturing.

  • European

    The Slovakia Medical facility is in the heart of Europe that is an important service site for DELBio in Europe. The Slovakia factory is based in Trencin where offers both manufacturing and fast after-sales services, as well as kitting assembly, label tracking and packaging.

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